Poker League
Season 1

Current Rankings

Rank Name Points
1 Harry Potter 76.52
2 Ronald Weasley 72.14
3 Hermione Granger 55.89
4 Neville Longbottom 52.14
5 Luna Lovegood 29.99
6 Cornelius Fudge 21.02
7 Albus Dumbledore 17.04
8 Remus Lupin 12.01
9 Sirius Black 2.02
10 Wilson Zhang 0.01

Rankings are updated every Friday.

Official Rules and Procedures

Rules of Play

  1. Entry into the league and weekly games are free of charge. However the league is only open for Card Crew members.
  2. There are no buy-ins or re-buys.
  3. All players will be distributed an equal amount of chips at the beginning of each game by a Card Crew executive.
  4. Blind structure will be detailed at the beginning of each game by a Card Crew executive.
  5. Blinds will be timed by a Card Crew executive.
  6. Games will be no-limit (there will be no limit on maximum bet per round).

League Structure

A game of poker is played every week at the Card Crew Weekly Meetup. Points are awarded for each game based on both placement and number of players in the game. Points attained from individual games are used to create a ranking of all players in the league (for more information see Scoring section).
The top five players qualify for the finals, consisting of a five-player game of poker. Prizes are then awarded based on placement in the finals.


Points for individual games are calculated using the formula:
$$\text{Points} = \frac{\ln{(\text{Players} + 1)}}{\text{Rank}}$$ The total points from each player's top 6 games are used to determine the ranking.
This means you can miss out on up to 2 games without falling behind in points.


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